Client Testimonials

  • Dick and Caroline Lynn
    Hello Jim and Kathy! Dick  and I celebrated Mack’s Birthday a couple of months ago.  Can’t believe he’s a year old already. He’s beautiful in every way.  Exactly what we had hoped for and much more. He’s a Large part of our lives, such a great companion, Absolutely loves water and the beach. And yes, he’s a little spoiled! Lol  So thankful we came to visit you at Greenbriar from Northern Virginia.  You and Kathy are so devoted and caring at what you do.  You do an Outstanding job making sure your pups are Amazing!  Again, Thank You So Much for our Mack.
    Dick and Caroline Lynn
  • John and Nan Vonesh
    We adopted Tilly when she was just about 2 months old.  The most beautiful yellow labrador!  Our introduction to Greenbriar was everything we hoped it would be.  We wanted a purebred puppy who was easily trained.  We live in Charleston -so needed to depend on her listening to us.  She is very smart and we get compliments on her all the time; her look and her behavior!  She just turned 1 yr. old and we have worked daily on her commands and playing with her.  She is the BEST Dog ever!  Thank you Jim and Kathy
    John and Nan Vonesh
  • Steph Watson
    Greenbriar is a very professional experience, from your first visit to your last.  Both Jim Burris and Kathy Sliz obviously love what they are doing, know the English Labrador breed extremely well, and if you listen and follow their advice, they will give you the best opportunity to have a positive life with your new puppy and future friend. They give you the tools, if you are willing to set preconceived ideas, past practices and ego aside, you will have success.   First of all, we can be assured we are taking home a very healthy conscientiously well-bred English Labrador.   In the end, it will be our mistake, if we don’t put these best practices in place and continue with them throughout our pet’s life.  The question should be asked, do we want to make a positive contribution in our world, whether the dog be a family pet, or something more specialized like a therapy, rescue, or service dog.  Jim and Kathy have given us a very healthy puppy to start with, so whatever we want that dog to be, it is up to us to train our new best friend to leave a positive impression with whomever they come in contact, while fulfilling their role.
    Steph Watson
  • Marty Davis
    Hi there it’s Marty Davis, I met you and my daughter Charlotte and her fiancé Jimmy when they went for the meet and greet when they were looking for a puppy. As you may recall I am a practicing veterinarian of 35 years. I just spent the weekend on grand puppy duty while they were out of town.  Appa is one of the most beautiful puppies I have ever seen. And I love the training method. He is just a gem and I can tell that decades of the right kind of breeding has gone in to making that beautiful dog. I could not be more impressed.   He played beautifully with my four-year-old grandson and another lab in our household who is five years old. He is the perfect mix of adorable, smart, beauty, health, and just plain cuteness. Congratulations on such a beautiful result of your breeding
    Marty Davis
  • Howard Wright
    I cannot explain how much I appreciated our visit on Saturday.   You truly are a man of character.   It was a pleasure to meet you and Kathy.   Saturday evening our “BASH” (Sabastian) let us know he was in the house.   He did not let us down on Sunday evening either.    Last night we came back from the farm, to our home in town and he got to meet our other son who finished the Citadel in 2017 who was with a group at the lake for the weekend.    My son said that when he is ready, he will be in touch to get on the waiting list for his puppy.     The difference in “Bash” between Saturday and Monday is amazing.   In fact, at lunch I went home and got him from the “Puppy Condo” and brought him to my office to sped the remainder of the day with me.   As I write, he is sleeping at my feet.  
    Howard Wright
  • Dee Avard
    Why I will always recommend Greenbriar, and Jim to anyone looking for an English Lab . . . In September, 2018 we obtained a 15 month old yellow male that was being re-homed due to the family not having enough time for him.  Although we are not new to the breed we were new to the challenges our boy brought with him.   Having tried many different avenues, not knowing where to turn and not wanting to give up on him, the day after Thanksgiving I called Jim.   Not being the original owner I did not know what to expect for a response. After explaining our situation Jim spent 45 minutes on the phone with me, walking me step-by-step how to get our boy to be the boy we knew he was and wanted him to be.    We followed Jim's direction to the letter and two months later we are on a positive track to having a well-behaved,  well-adjusted, fun dog. Our gratitude to Jim is immeasurable.  He didn't know us, but he is invested in his pups regardless of where they end up.  That kind of commitment and passion for his dogs is why we will turn to Greenbriar when we are ready for a pup. Jim - Thank you!!!!
    Dee Avard
  • Debbie Davis
    Jim Burris has a wonderful farm and kennel. The dogs are all well behaved and beautiful...the kennel is clean and well maintained. We recently got a puppy out of Remington and Jamies litter. She is a beautiful pup...we are quite pleased. I would go back to Mr Burris and recommend him to anyone looking for a English block head Lab.
    Debbie Davis
  • Morris Ungar
    I have come to know JR for a couple of years now. Three years ago, I received my puppy that is now well on her way to a SR hunting title. JR is a gentlemen, and a pleasure to collaborate with. Looking forward to getting another puppy from Greenbriar.
    Morris Ungar
  • Susan Reynolds
    On Aug. 21, 2011 we had to put our 9 yr. old lab Gus down. He was our companion and avid dove and duck hunter. We loved him as part of our family. It was devastating. It took a couple of months to think about filling this void in our lives. When we did decide to look for another lab, we contacted several breeders. Greenbriar was the first and actually only breeder that responded to us in the month we looked. Jim Burris answered in just a few hours of our contact. I knew then that this was the breeder we were looking for. It turned out he had a litter due in November and asked if we could wait until December to fill our void. I did not want to, but had not gotten any response from any other breeder. So, we decided to stay with Greenbriar. We brought home our new addition, Gibson on Dec. 29 and am so happy and pleased with this little guy and how we were treated by Jim. He kept us up to date from day one of the breeding to the whelping. I am so happy and so delighted by this new addition to our family and Thank Jim and Greenbriar with all my heart for filling this enormous void in our lives. I would recommend Greennbriar to anyone. I am eternally grateful. Thank you Jim and Kathy for showing us how much you care. The facility is outstanding and hope to return soon just to say Thank you again and bring Gibson for a visit.
    Susan Reynolds
  • Morris Ungar
    This breeder (JR) has to be one of the best kept secrets for hunting & confirmation dogs. The true English style lab. My lab has just received her AKC Senior title and well on her way to a Master Hunter title. Every judge that has met her (at AKC & HRC tests) comment on her steadiness at the line. She has a great nose for blinds and hunting up. A wonderful marking dog. And a GREAT friend! I do plan on picking up another dog for JR.
    Morris Ungar
  • Lisa Millner
    I read all the wonderful comments about JR and the Labs that he breeds and it is all so true!! We bought a Lab from JR in 2005 his name is "JACK" and I have never had a dog with a better temperament. He is the love of our lives and everyone who meets him loves him to. JR is such a nice man and has a wonderful kennel!!
    Lisa Millner
  • Susan Reynolds
    Update on my earlier testimony. Not only does Greenbriar have the most beautiful English Block headed labs they also have the smartest. Gibson is now 2-1/2 months old can sit, come, and shake on command and best of all, he's housebroken. He also sits under the bird feeder and watches all the birds. Good sign that he will be a great dove and duck retriever. He has our hearts completely. Thank you Jim for this wonderful little man.
    Susan Reynolds
  • Gene and Kerri Bolen
    We got our pup, Bear, from you in February this year. She's 5 1/2 months old now and doing double retrieves on land and in water. Great puppy and going to be a fantastic retriever. Thank you so much!
    Gene and Kerri Bolen
  • Cheryl Hall
    Last May, I had to put down my yellow lab, Carolina. This was the saddest day ever as she was with our family for almost 14 years. I had no clue where to begin to look for another. A couple of months passed and as I was searching on the internet, I came upon Greenbriar Kennels. My Dad, an avid lab lover, went to visit the kennel and said this was the best ever. We waited for 6 months to get our little "Lilly" and it was so worth the wait. Mr. Burris and Kathy at Greenbriar Kennels offer so much more than just buying a puppy. Besides having beautiful labs and an outstanding kennel, they offer the most wonderful and unique experience of getting your best friend.
    Cheryl Hall
  • Ron Nelson
    Elizabeth and I were fortunate to find Jim Burris of Greenbriar in search of our Labrador. Jim clearly explained how he grows his family of Labs and the expectations he expects from his dogs. Having lost Tank, our black male lab of 10 years I never thought there could be another. However, we now have Greenbriar's Samantha, a 7 month female yellow lab. We waited for our litter and our gal was singled out by Jim as the pup that would fit into our family.  I can only say this dog is everything one could ask for in a retriever; has all the lab characteristics, eager to learn, is developing her hunting skills, and most importantly is perfect at home. She quickly got her house training behind her, loves to retrieve in the water, patrols the kitchen with Elizabeth at meal time, and has locked down her place on the couch. It's too early to tell if she can replace all the fond memories of Tank but Samantha is well on her way to being very very special. Soon she will be part of the Iowa pheasant hunt this November. If you are looking for the best, check out Jim and Kathy's family of Labs.
    Ron Nelson
  • Matthew Fehsenfeld
    My mother picked me up one their puppies nearly 3 years ago and I honestly could not be happier. She had nothing but great things to say about Jim and the kennel! My black Lab might be the most gorgeous dog I have ever seen and I could not imagine a better personality and temperament on a dog. She loves to play, loves people and other dogs, and yet is so gentle around small kids. It takes just minutes to train her to do anything and her intelligence is off the charts. She is truly an amazing dog and friend. I cannot wait to get another and though I now live up North I will gladly travel all the way back down to the Greenbriar Plantation for my next. - Matt
    Matthew Fehsenfeld
  • Mike Coker
    Jim Burris has a first class operation and beautiful Labs to match. The Lab I purchased from him has been nothing but phenomenal. From the crate training to the retrieving, this has been the easiest dog to train yet. With Jim's techniques that are employed from birth, it makes all the difference in the world when it comes to crate training, only two incidents during the whole process. My lab at 6 months old was retrieving and holding the object until I gave the command to release. At 8 months he was retrieving in the field and water with live action. His temperament is awesome. My kids wrestle, play ball, skateboard ect with him. He is obedient to all members of the family but ultimately responds to me. His intelligence level is off the charts. His size and stature are beautiful to match. He is just under 70lbs with a huge block head and short otter tail. In all I would recommend Jim Burris's dogs to anyone who wants a pet or hunting companion.
    Mike Coker
  • Gail McClain
    I'd never heard of Jim Burris, I'd never looked for a dog on the internet. I'd been researching breeders from Florida to Maine, when I found Greenbriars. I took a chance and sent an email and Jim answered right back.  Meeting Jim was like reconnecting with an old friend. I can't thank him enough for all he did for me. His pups are outstanding. But what shines through, is the love and time he puts into them. They are solid, balanced, and well socialized. These pups have such a head start on the life you will share with them. At 7 weeks my puppy traveled 1000 miles with 2 nights in a motel to my home in upstate New York, like she had been doing it for yrs. Thanks again Jim and Kathy for all that you do Gail and Brie, now 9 weeks, yellow lab 4/15/13
    Gail McClain
  • Mims Taylor
    My husband and I met Jim and Kathy about 6 weeks ago while visiting his kennel in hopes of finding a new family member, and we fell in love with Jim/Kathy as well as his beautiful kennel. We took our boys to visit two weeks later, and Jim welcomed us back as if we were part of his family! What a wonderful man! If you are looking for a personal touch while finding a new member of the family, look no further. Make the trip to Brunson, SC and fall in love with Jim's kennel and his dogs~ you will not be disappointed! We brought Radley home this past Friday, and we are amazed at how smart he is. Just a joy for all of us! My husband and I know when the time comes to purchase another lab for our boys that we will buy from Greenbriar!
    Mims Taylor
  • Katy Montgomery
    I am writing this comment out of complete randomness, I was just bragging about my five month old puppy to a friend. I picked up my female yellow lab in June and have throughly enjoyed her. She has a great personality and is very smart, and calm. The whole process I went through with Greenbriar plantation was very easy and exciting. The weekly updates on my puppy was by far the high light of my week. :) Jim and Kathy are very sweet people and I am thankful Hattie was in their hands for her first 8 weeks. I live in charleston, sc and know of two other labs from greenbriar in the area all of whom are awesome, beautiful dogs. I could go on and on about what a great kennel Greenbriar is. I recommend them to all people who are looking for puppies and especially those who compliment my puppy!:) Can't say enough good about them!
    Katy Montgomery
  • Rod Myers
    Our Veterinarian says, "this is what a labrador retriever is supposed to look like." There is no better compliment for Greenbriar Plantation's breeding program. If your curious about labs or familiar with them and looking for one, make the call and visit Jim and Kathy. This is a full service kennel. Crate training, grooming, dominance training. Jim will teach you how to make your puppy a well behaved member of the family.
    Rod Myers
  • Paul Borrelli
    There are not enough good things to say about Greenbriar Kennels - if you are looking for a healthy, eager, smart, well behaved, affectionate and loving Lab companion you better get down to Brunson, SC and grab one of Jim and Kathy's pups - that is where I send my friends when they are looking for a Labrador Retriever. To begin with, Jim and Kathy run a first class operation with a single minded goal of producing the finest Labrador Retrievers on the market - in my humble estimation they have succeeded in just that. Their knowledge of the breed standards, temperament, and overall physical and mental health-quality of their dogs is top notch; enabling them the ability to produce an overall, well-rounded family companion and excellent hunting dog. I ran across Greenbriar Kennels while searching for a reputable breeder of Labradors for my son's first dog. (I was, at that time, the owner of 2 labs and was not in the market for another one). We were hoping to find a breeder in the Southeast since we currently live in the Charlotte area. I have raised and trained 6 labs (5 English, 1 American, yellow and black), as well as bred and sold liters practically my entire life - for both family companionship and hunting. My son was particularly interested in finding a water dog since I had introduced him to waterfowl hunting and he was not the greatest or best equipped for retrieving, especially on extremely cold mornings. As you can tell by the online pictures, Jim and Kathy have perfected the standard look for an English lab - block head, otter tail, etc. I have yet to see a Greenbriar lab that is not "show quality" in appearance. I also believe that overall health and quality of appearance go hand in hand, especially with the Labrador breed. After visiting Greenbriar with my son and experiencing the way in which Jim and Kathy run their operation, the time and care put into the breeding and raising each liter and of course the quality and pedigree of their breeding stock, I immediately put down a "preferred" deposit on a black pup - of course, my son did the same. I had a little convincing to do with my wife since we already owned 2 labs and a small lap dog as well as being the parents of 7 children. Jump forward to today - our labs are almost 10 months old and almost fully grown. Every person we come across ask us where we got our dogs, commenting on how beautiful and perfect they look, including our vet. They also comment on how well behaved they are, especially for puppies. These dog's health, temperament, train-ability, obedience, and excellent house manners are the best I've ever come across. In fact, due to Jim and Kathy's attentiveness to each liter, our dogs came home practically house broken and I can honestly say that we did not and have not had one single "accident" in our house. All dogs are kennel trained and know where to do their business prior to arriving in their new home - all you have to do is follow Jim and Kathy's instructions for home training. I have trained many labs for both hunting and home companionship (my dog serves in both capacities) and I can truly say that Jim and Kathy have produced the best of both worlds. These dogs have surpassed all expectations in both the field and the home. I have always believed that "smarts" and train-ability comes from diligent selection of the breeding stock - Jim and Kathy have just about perfected this at their kennel. What you will get from Greenbriar Kennels is a smart, eager, trainable, show-quality hunting and home companion if you choose Greenbriar Kennels - I will only go one place for my Labrador Retriever and I continue to recommend them to all my lab friends - my dog is the perfect, lovable companion and the best advertisement for Greenbriar Plantation Kennels.  Paul
    Paul Borrelli
  • Chris Partridge
    Sullivan is almost 1 and I thought I would just add my thoughts on Jim and Kathy and Greenbriar Plantation. We had never owned a lab before but after talking with and meeting Jim and Kathy we had no doubts. Their knowledge of the breed and their dogs was unbelievable. The entire process was wonderful. Lots of updates and pictures as the puppies grew. Sullivan has turned out to be the best dog we have ever had. I know others here have said it but it's true; every time we take him anywhere, people tell us how beautiful he is. You cannot pick a better breeder if you are looking for a quality lab.
    Chris Partridge
  • Tucker
    Where do I begin? We cannot recommend Greenbriar Plantation Labradors enough!!! We are so over-the-moon in love with our pup and have come to love Mr. Jim and Miss Kathy too. The process to bring our pup home was easy in the sense it wasn't high pressure or chock full of hoop jumping and silly questionnaires. Make no mistake, he does evaluate you and your home life so that you are matched with the right pup and the pup is matched with the right person. If your life isn't compatible with the time and effort it takes to rear a pup, he will tell you so. Mr. Jim cares about these pups and all that they do at Greenbriar is focused towards or on them. The facilities are clean and well-kept. I urge you to set up a time and go see for yourself and meet Mr. Jim and Miss Kathy. That alone is worth the trip. Each momma is loved on and doted upon, but not in a coddling way. Our pup is healthy, has a great temperament and is light years ahead in socialization and potty training. Trust what Mr. Jim teaches you about your pup when pick up day arrives . . . it will make a huge difference! Our vet could not get over how "even tempered, nice and handsome" he is. Everyone who has met our pup remarks how cute he is or how calm he is. Don't get me wrong, he's got puppy written all over him but he isn't skittish around new things and his puppy training is the easiest I've ever done. He's already ringing the bell at the door to go potty after a week being home. Thanks Mr. Jim and Miss Kathy for starting him off right by having a solid breeding background, socializing them, starting potty training, and loving on him until we could take him home. May God bless you and keep you always!
  • Shannon Gabriel
    After losing our older Labrador, we interviewed 40 breeders across the Carolinas. Once I spoke with Jim, I knew we had found the right one. 6 patient months later, we picked up Troop Tripoli and our lives have not been the same since.  Troop is the perfect companion for this active family of boys. Playful, gentle, and caring - he sleeps on their floor when they aren't feeling well and waits for them outside each day to get off the bus. He's beyond beautiful, but we love his heart and his temperament more than anything.  I couldn't recommend Greenbriar Plantation more - if you truly want a quality, healthy, beautiful Labrador, there is no one that cares more than Jim and Kathy. We are beyond grateful to have found them!
    Shannon Gabriel
  • Sloan Turner
    I am a veterinarian and boarded as a veterinary radiologist. Which means I have seen hundreds of labradors over the years but oddly enough, the quality out there is not where it should be. I did an extensive search with the goal of finding a dog of sound mind and body over the coarse of the past year. My search led me to Greenbriar Kennels. I cannot say enough how important it is to find a breeder that believes in matching a QUALITY dog with the right environment. They are 100% dedicated to the proper match, asking that the family visit Greenbriar first. They want to meet the family to select prior to just picking up a puppy and going on your way. That is extremely important. They have nothing to hide, even letting me do my own exam to include an ultrasound of the puppies we were considering. The dog we chose, Lincoln, COULD NOT BE MORE PERFECT. We have two small boys and he goes to work with me. He is a well adjusted, sound minded, mild mannered, smart, willing to please dog that has far exceeded my expectations. He is 5 months old now and is a stunner in the looks department, conformation and manner. I cannot say enough about how professional this operation is, the willingness of Jim and Kathy to start you on your way in understanding how to incorporate a dog into a household and their availability afterwards for questions. This is a top shelf kennel and being a veterinarian I looked for all of the potential red flags and found NONE. You will not go wrong.
    Sloan Turner
  • Carey Black
    Purchasing my Labrador from Greenbriar Plantation has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Jim and Kathy are incredible people, and extremely knowledgeable about the Labrador Retriever. I was fortunate enough to be invited by Mr Jim to tour the grounds before putting down my deposit. Mr Jim answered every question I have with the expertise that only comes with the decades of experience he has with these wonderful dogs. Ms Kathy is meticulous in her care of the kennels, as you will see if you get a chance to tour this wonderful place. EVERY dog was happy and healthy. If you are searching for a Labrador, this is the absolute best place to get one. Ive seen a lot of kennels and have been around dogs all of my life, but there is only one Greenbriar Plantation, and I am proud to say that my dog Jaeger is a Greenbriar pup!!
    Carey Black
  • Larry Bowers
    It was a little over two years ago I traveled to Greenbriar Plantation to meet with Jim and Kathy about most likely my last best friend. Wow what an experience. After about thirty minutes talking to Jim and asking and answering questions from each other I was sold. This is where my last pup was coming from. Being over sixty I wanted a buddy to finish out my life with. This is a class act for breeder. Now two years later with some extra help from Jim my boy "Whiskey" is quite a best friend. I recommended a young man that works with me to look and he also bought a pup from Greenbriar. He too is so proud of the quality of dog he got. If you are interested in a quality dog and breeder go see Jim and Kathy.
    Larry Bowers
  • Matt Starkey
    What a great experience!! Jim and Kathy are truly amazing people and I couldn't have asked for more. At greenbriar you can expect a personal experience. When I decided it was time for me to add a dog to my life I looked no further when I found greenbriar. The quality of dogs is unbeatable. From the time the pups were born to time I brought "Axel" home they made me feel like a part of their family. Even now 2 weeks later if I have a question about training or just want to give them an update Jim always answers the phone and is more than willing to give me advice. Thank y'all again for everything. I highly recommend greenbriar plantation.
    Matt Starkey
  • Bruce and Paula Costello
    Begin at the beginning. Last fall my wife and I decided to purchase a Labrador puppy for our grandchildren to grow up with. I have had and trained several of my own in the past, so I know the breed well. After calling, looking, and visiting several breeders we found Greenbriar. We looked no further. One visit and we were convinced of the quality, caring, honesty, and genuinely friendly atmosphere. It was clean, cared for, and professional. Jim Burris asked the right questions, then after meeting our grandchildren and daughter-in-law, showed us his recommendation for the bloodline of the puppy to be. We left a deposit, then paid in full shortly thereafter. The puppies arrived, but when it became time to pick her up, life unfortunately threw the family a curve and there was no way to insure the dog would receive the love and attention it deserved. We discussed this with Jim and not only did he offer his genuine care, he also promptly returned the entire amount we paid for the puppy. That shows honesty and integrity not often found in any business these days. If, in the future we feel we can finally purchase a puppy, there will be nobody considered other than Jim Burris at Greenbriar. I just wish there were more stars to choose from.
    Bruce and Paula Costello
  • Anneliese Dauerer
    As I received the millionth compliment about our dog Jameson,I thought it was about time I commend Jim and Greenbriar Plantation for the amazing experience we've had with Jameson. Aside from being a beautiful yellow lab with that big block head that I love, he has the most wonderful temperament. At 7 months old, he is fully house broken and interacts so well with other dogs and people.He is already swimming and knows several commands! When we picked our puppy up, Jim spent over an hour with us one on one showing us training techniques, feeding tips, general health information, and much more. As first time puppy owners we were really nervous about becoming new parents and Jim put us at ease! Looking back his "puppy condo" model has been a lifesaver. Jameson has been such a gift and we want to thank Greenbriar for breeding such wonderful dogs and running such an amazing operation. Any one would be lucky to have one of their dogs as a companion!
    Anneliese Dauerer
  • Kirk Ramsey
    I started looking for a lab pup in 2013 after having to put my chocolate down 6 years earlier. Through word of mouth and the internet, I found Greenbriar Plantation. What a wonderful experience it has been! Jim and Kathy are fabulous people and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Labradors. After visiting the kennels and seeing the quality of their breeding stock and cleanliness of the entire place, I knew that I had found the right breeder. Once my litter was whelped, I made several trips up to see how the pups progressed. Much love, alot of "hands on" and a great environment made it clear that any pup was going to be a quality well adjusted dog. I picked up Gus (a yellow male) in late January and, because of Jim's training methods starting from day one, had him housebroken within a week and a half. His natural desire to retrieve became evident shortly thereafter. Don't get me wrong, Gus is full of "puppy" and constant supervision, attention and training are required. But, having owned lab pups before, there is clearly a difference in his willingnes to please and "do his job"! Jim and Kathy are always just a phone call or e-mail away with tips to refine his behavior. I took him back to Jim at 3 months to see how he reacted to gunfire and he was solid as a rock (at 3 months!). I look forward to spending more time at Greenbriar honing Gus's skills and visiting Jim and Kathy. Thank you for my new best friend! Anyone looking for a Labrador should consider looking into Greenbriar Plantation, you won't be disappointed.
    Kirk Ramsey
  • George and Jan Burttram
    We lost our 15 year old Labrador in November and began a search for a new partner a short time later. We visited several kennels in South Carolina and Georgia when we found Jim and Kathy. We were immediately impressed with their facilities and with their obvious love of all things Labs. Jim interviewed us as we were interviewing him. It is clear that he wants the best homes for his retrievers. We put a deposit for a new Lab the same day and picked up our boy on March 14th. Couldn't be happier with our new family member. Jim has answered several questions we've had and we highly recommend this facility if you are looking for a quality Labrador breeder.
    George and Jan Burttram
  • Robert
    I got Daisy from Jim in September, and I couldn't be happier. From the start, Jim was great to deal with, and it was clear that he really cares about the dogs. Within 5 days of bringing Daisy home, she was pretty much housebroken and would sit on command. Jim does a great job of preparing the pup and the owner for the first few weeks together. When I get another lab, it'll definitely be from Jim.
  • Natasha Ruth
    It is hard for me to put into words just how wonderful my experience has been over the past 6 months working with Jim and Greebrier. I first met Jim over the phone several months ago when I was looking into getting a lab puppy. My 13 year lab had just passed away and I wanted a new puppy but I wanted the "right" new puppy. I spoke to a number of breeders over the phone but none of the breeders were as professional and genuinely kind as Jim. He truly is an extraordinary man. It became so apparent to me when first talking with him, that Jim loves what he does and he loves his adult dogs and puppies. He takes so much pride in caring for his adult dogs and puppies. When I first made the trip down to Greenbrier, I knew immediately that this was where I wanted to get my puppy. Greenbrier farms is beautiful! The pups are so very well treated and loved. Jim took a great deal of time talking with me and telling me about his puppies and the way that he cares for them. Yet again, Jim was very professional and superbly gracious and kind. I received weekly pictures and notes about my puppy after he was born and these updates were truly the highlight of my week. When I went to pick up Litte Gus, Jim took over 2 hours talking to us about training and helpful ways to raise our little one. Gus is now almost 10 weeks old and he is amazing. He is simply a great dog! He has such a good temperment, is so very smart and is absolutely gorgeous! I live in Charleston, SC and I am around lots and lots of people that know about labradors and had tons of suggestions about breeders,etc. Every one of them now comments on how extraordinarily handsome and smart Gus is and they continue to ask me the name of the breeder. Everyone is beginning to know about this hidden treasure...I owe so much to Greenbrier Kennels and Jim for this fabulous addition to our lives. We are so thankful. I highly recommend Greenbrier to anyone who wants a great looking and extremely smart lab. Thank you Jim for your tremendous kindness!!
    Natasha Ruth
  • Marc Katz
    I have been a Lab owner for 30 years. Growing up in Maine it was basically the law that you owned a Lab. Last April we lost our current "man's best friend" Cipo at an early age. A few months later the house was off and my wife said we needed to start looking for another Lab. We live in Charlotte now so I began to look around. Every website I went on and breeder I spoke to bothered me in some way until I found GPK. Every dog looked exactly like what we were looking for - Std Lab size, Block Heat, Otter Tails and that look in their eyes that they were smart. I called Jim and he called me back within minutes. I explained our situation to Jim and after about a 20 min call I was sure we wanted to have a look at GPK. I told Jim we wanted a Male Chocolate first choice but health and breeding was more important than color to us and we didn't mind waiting. We made plans to drive over 3 hours the next Sat. We arrived to find Velvet delivering pups. We were so excited as she threw a Male Chocolate and we were there to see our boy being born! Jim was GREAT with us and sent us pictures weekly. Mello was housebroken in less than 3 weeks, is SUPER smart, Excellent coat, Perfect looks and wants to please everyone he comes across! We are so happy to have found Jim and GPK. would recommend Jim to anyone wanting a quality dog!
    Marc Katz
  • Libby Shell
    I found Greenbriar Kennel online while searching for a new yellow lab puppy for our family. I contacted Jim by email from out of state, and he got back with me immediately. I could tell by speaking with him that he really cared about his dogs and their health and happiness. I was impressed enough with the website and by speaking with Jim personally by phone that I sent a deposit to South Carolina to get on his waiting list. Sadly, our situation changed in the few months while we were waiting for a litter, and I had to cancel my plans with Jim for a little yellow girl. Jim and Kathy could not have been nicer. They said they understood and refunded my deposit immediately. I would not hesitate to contact Jim again in the future when we are ready for a new special dog for our family!
    Libby Shell

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