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Libby Shell

By Greenbriar Plantation | 09/06/2021 |

I found Greenbriar Kennel online while searching for a new yellow lab puppy for our family. I contacted Jim by email from out of state, and he got back with me immediately. I could tell by speaking with him that he really cared about his dogs and their health and happiness. I was impressed enough…

Marc Katz

By Greenbriar Plantation | 09/06/2021 |

I have been a Lab owner for 30 years. Growing up in Maine it was basically the law that you owned a Lab. Last April we lost our current “man’s best friend” Cipo at an early age. A few months later the house was off and my wife said we needed to start looking for…

Natasha Ruth

By Greenbriar Plantation | 09/06/2021 |

It is hard for me to put into words just how wonderful my experience has been over the past 6 months working with Jim and Greebrier. I first met Jim over the phone several months ago when I was looking into getting a lab puppy. My 13 year lab had just passed away and I…


By Greenbriar Plantation | 09/06/2021 |

I got Daisy from Jim in September, and I couldn’t be happier. From the start, Jim was great to deal with, and it was clear that he really cares about the dogs. Within 5 days of bringing Daisy home, she was pretty much housebroken and would sit on command. Jim does a great job of…

George and Jan Burttram

By Greenbriar Plantation | 09/06/2021 |

We lost our 15 year old Labrador in November and began a search for a new partner a short time later. We visited several kennels in South Carolina and Georgia when we found Jim and Kathy. We were immediately impressed with their facilities and with their obvious love of all things Labs. Jim interviewed us…

Kirk Ramsey

By Greenbriar Plantation | 09/06/2021 |

I started looking for a lab pup in 2013 after having to put my chocolate down 6 years earlier. Through word of mouth and the internet, I found Greenbriar Plantation. What a wonderful experience it has been! Jim and Kathy are fabulous people and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Labradors. After visiting the kennels…

Anneliese Dauerer

By Greenbriar Plantation | 09/06/2021 |

As I received the millionth compliment about our dog Jameson,I thought it was about time I commend Jim and Greenbriar Plantation for the amazing experience we’ve had with Jameson. Aside from being a beautiful yellow lab with that big block head that I love, he has the most wonderful temperament. At 7 months old, he…

Bruce and Paula Costello

By Greenbriar Plantation | 09/06/2021 |

Begin at the beginning. Last fall my wife and I decided to purchase a Labrador puppy for our grandchildren to grow up with. I have had and trained several of my own in the past, so I know the breed well. After calling, looking, and visiting several breeders we found Greenbriar. We looked no further.…

Matt Starkey

By Greenbriar Plantation | 09/06/2021 |

What a great experience!! Jim and Kathy are truly amazing people and I couldn’t have asked for more. At greenbriar you can expect a personal experience. When I decided it was time for me to add a dog to my life I looked no further when I found greenbriar. The quality of dogs is unbeatable.…

Larry Bowers

By Greenbriar Plantation | 09/06/2021 |

It was a little over two years ago I traveled to Greenbriar Plantation to meet with Jim and Kathy about most likely my last best friend. Wow what an experience. After about thirty minutes talking to Jim and asking and answering questions from each other I was sold. This is where my last pup was…

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