Natasha Ruth

It is hard for me to put into words just how wonderful my experience has been over the past 6 months working with Jim and Greebrier. I first met Jim over the phone several months ago when I was looking into getting a lab puppy. My 13 year lab had just passed away and I wanted a new puppy but I wanted the “right” new puppy. I spoke to a number of breeders over the phone but none of the breeders were as professional and genuinely kind as Jim. He truly is an extraordinary man. It became so apparent to me when first talking with him, that Jim loves what he does and he loves his adult dogs and puppies. He takes so much pride in caring for his adult dogs and puppies. When I first made the trip down to Greenbrier, I knew immediately that this was where I wanted to get my puppy. Greenbrier farms is beautiful! The pups are so very well treated and loved. Jim took a great deal of time talking with me and telling me about his puppies and the way that he cares for them. Yet again, Jim was very professional and superbly gracious and kind. I received weekly pictures and notes about my puppy after he was born and these updates were truly the highlight of my week. When I went to pick up Litte Gus, Jim took over 2 hours talking to us about training and helpful ways to raise our little one. Gus is now almost 10 weeks old and he is amazing. He is simply a great dog! He has such a good temperment, is so very smart and is absolutely gorgeous! I live in Charleston, SC and I am around lots and lots of people that know about labradors and had tons of suggestions about breeders,etc. Every one of them now comments on how extraordinarily handsome and smart Gus is and they continue to ask me the name of the breeder. Everyone is beginning to know about this hidden treasure…I owe so much to Greenbrier Kennels and Jim for this fabulous addition to our lives. We are so thankful. I highly recommend Greenbrier to anyone who wants a great looking and extremely smart lab. Thank you Jim for your tremendous kindness!!

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