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I have been a Lab owner for 30 years. Growing up in Maine it was basically the law that you owned a Lab. Last April we lost our current “man’s best friend” Cipo at an early age. A few months later the house was off and my wife said we needed to start looking for another Lab. We live in Charlotte now so I began to look around. Every website I went on and breeder I spoke to bothered me in some way until I found GPK. Every dog looked exactly like what we were looking for – Std Lab size, Block Heat, Otter Tails and that look in their eyes that they were smart. I called Jim and he called me back within minutes. I explained our situation to Jim and after about a 20 min call I was sure we wanted to have a look at GPK. I told Jim we wanted a Male Chocolate first choice but health and breeding was more important than color to us and we didn’t mind waiting. We made plans to drive over 3 hours the next Sat. We arrived to find Velvet delivering pups. We were so excited as she threw a Male Chocolate and we were there to see our boy being born! Jim was GREAT with us and sent us pictures weekly. Mello was housebroken in less than 3 weeks, is SUPER smart, Excellent coat, Perfect looks and wants to please everyone he comes across! We are so happy to have found Jim and GPK. would recommend Jim to anyone wanting a quality dog!

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