Kirk Ramsey

I started looking for a lab pup in 2013 after having to put my chocolate down 6 years earlier. Through word of mouth and the internet, I found Greenbriar Plantation. What a wonderful experience it has been! Jim and Kathy are fabulous people and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Labradors. After visiting the kennels and seeing the quality of their breeding stock and cleanliness of the entire place, I knew that I had found the right breeder. Once my litter was whelped, I made several trips up to see how the pups progressed. Much love, alot of “hands on” and a great environment made it clear that any pup was going to be a quality well adjusted dog. I picked up Gus (a yellow male) in late January and, because of Jim’s training methods starting from day one, had him housebroken within a week and a half. His natural desire to retrieve became evident shortly thereafter. Don’t get me wrong, Gus is full of “puppy” and constant supervision, attention and training are required. But, having owned lab pups before, there is clearly a difference in his willingnes to please and “do his job”! Jim and Kathy are always just a phone call or e-mail away with tips to refine his behavior. I took him back to Jim at 3 months to see how he reacted to gunfire and he was solid as a rock (at 3 months!). I look forward to spending more time at Greenbriar honing Gus’s skills and visiting Jim and Kathy. Thank you for my new best friend! Anyone looking for a Labrador should consider looking into Greenbriar Plantation, you won’t be disappointed.

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