Bruce and Paula Costello

Begin at the beginning. Last fall my wife and I decided to purchase a Labrador puppy for our grandchildren to grow up with. I have had and trained several of my own in the past, so I know the breed well. After calling, looking, and visiting several breeders we found Greenbriar. We looked no further. One visit and we were convinced of the quality, caring, honesty, and genuinely friendly atmosphere. It was clean, cared for, and professional. Jim Burris asked the right questions, then after meeting our grandchildren and daughter-in-law, showed us his recommendation for the bloodline of the puppy to be. We left a deposit, then paid in full shortly thereafter. The puppies arrived, but when it became time to pick her up, life unfortunately threw the family a curve and there was no way to insure the dog would receive the love and attention it deserved. We discussed this with Jim and not only did he offer his genuine care, he also promptly returned the entire amount we paid for the puppy. That shows honesty and integrity not often found in any business these days. If, in the future we feel we can finally purchase a puppy, there will be nobody considered other than Jim Burris at Greenbriar. I just wish there were more stars to choose from.

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